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With this first video of our second album, we wanted to make a meeting of racialized African women to empower us and celebrate. To laugh and have fun. To become aware that we are many and that we are together to take strength to continue fighting. It is a healing and reconciling meeting to make it clear that we are here and that this is our place.

For the recording of this meeting we had the collaboration of women of several generations and between all created a warmth and a totally sincere community.

The video clip also has one of the dancer Inés Sybille.

Under the direction of Arnau Oriol, he shot himself on a Sunday of May in a forest very close to Hostalets de Balenyà (El Puig), a space that we believe contributes to the atmosphere necessary for the meeting and celebration what we proposed

“Believe” is a tribute to freedom. We stopped remaining in silence about all the things that opress us as black women. We’ve united, we’ve built up a community and we’ve empowered ourselves.

“Believe” means to have faith and hope, to trust that together we can change things. And you have another day to shine.